Notes on Berke Büyüktuncel’s Offence

Berke Büyüktuncel is an 18-year-old combo forward playing for Tofaş. 22-23 isn’t his first season as a pro, but it’s the first season in which he’s been a full-time pro. He hasn’t participated with Tofaş’s youth academy since the beginning of this season. Büyüktuncel has intriguing potential and his floor level is high enough that he can register consistent and plenty of minutes for a team on the calibre of Tofaş. He’s averaging almost 18 minutes of playing time in 22 appearances in the Turkish top flight, missing a few early season matches to a wrist injury. In Europe, he averaged nearly 23 mins of playing time in 5 apps over at FIBA’s Basketball Champions League. He is adjusting to a high level basketball, but he’s already a very capable forward defender, strong at multiple aspects of defence. He is a better, more productive player on defence than on attack. And this isn’t a symptom of his first full-time professional season, that has been Berke Büyüktuncel’s game at youth levels as well. There’s not that much room for growth for his defending. Given his age and inexperience, he’s having nothing short of a special defensive season with Tofaş. His offence though, there is more to that story… Let’s talk about it.