Chronicling Basketball is a single author blog where I tackle what’s going on in basketball in two very separate areas. Majority of the content shall be trying to analyse the actual basketball being played by trying to make sense of the performative happenings in the basketball world. A different type of written content to expect, though, is the business side of basketball as an industry. Therefore off-the-court content will exist on this blog as well, but basketball business related content shall tackle issues around the sport as a whole industry, rather than the particular businesses of particular basketball clubs.

This blog, as both an extension and a supportive element of the video content channels of the same name on Dailymotion and Youtube, has come to materialise only once I realised that I could, I should and in a lot of cases I have to make written content when that same/similar content is not feasible to publish in video form. And another form of written content to be published here would be content that just does not translate well to video format and could only be done in written format, which might pertain to less polished, more experimental and not exactly rigorous stuff.

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